About QC

Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide students with an all-round education aimed at excellence in moral, intellectual, physical, inter-personal and aesthetic development, whereby they can achieve self-fulfillment in all respects throughout their lives and become leaders of tomorrow.

  • To nurture in students a love of learning;
  • To promote the spirit in the school motto - Labor Omnia Vincit;
  • To develop students' minds and inculcate in them a strong sense of responsibility, self-discipline, integrity and, above all, self esteem;
  • To produce in our students a high level of intellectual development in preparation for further scholastic achievements;
  • To provide students with a balanced range of activities conducive to good health and to make them aware of the importance of sports and sportsmanship;
  • To impress upon students the significance of harmonious inter-personal relationships and of serving the community as well as to develop their skills of leadership;
  • To cultivate students' creative talents and appreciation of aesthetics;
  • With a view to realising the aforesaid goals, to encourage the involvement of parents, alumni and members of the community in the activities of the school and to provide opportunities for enhancing the professional development and commitment of all staff.