Principal’s Message

The successful development of a person lies in a good character. So I would like to share with you, the Queenians, the four important character traits that I believe are keys to success.


The first one is integrity. As competition is getting keener in Hong Kong than ever before, one may readily feel the tension at school. Such competition may cause some side effects or even misbehaviour, like disputes over marks and cheating in exams. In fact, it is not just confined to academic pursuit. In sports and in business, sometimes you may learn from the news that some world famous sportsmen or well-known celebrities may ruin their reputations or even careers because of misconduct, sports doping or corruption. Knowledge without character will destroy a person. Remember, Integrity counts.

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The second one is respect. Since we live in a social organization, frequent contact with people may cause disputes and conflicts. What’s in your mind whenever you face such a situation? To win at all costs? Or get them resolved? Sometimes, an attitude of superiority may make you do something unreasonable. We should respect each other. Open discussion and sharing of ideas can help solve disputes and conflicts. Moreover, Hong Kong is an international city. There are people coming from all over the world to live and study here. We should respect other races and nations. Respect their cultures. Respect their religions. Harmonious human relationships are of utmost importance in a social organization. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Remember, Respect counts.


The third one is care. There is always someone who needs care. In Hong Kong, the population is aging. There are some elderly people who are living alone and too old to take care of themselves. Are you willing to serve them? At school, there may be some students who encounter challenges in their personal growth. Are you willing to help them? Some students may be lagging behind in their studies. Are you willing to encourage them to catch up? At home, do you care about your grandparents, parents and siblings? Have you ever served your parents with a cup of tea after they come back from work? Only when you serve do you learn more and gain more. Strike a balance between give and take. Remember, Care counts.


The fourth one and, in my opinion the most important one, is self-reflection. This is an essential quality that guides us to judging the difference between right and wrong. By the end of the day, think what you have done wrong or what you can do better to make improvements, for example, in human relationships and in your studies. Has it to do with self-esteem, or time management? When you try to find out the fundamental cause of the problems, you will always re-think. Gradually, your strengths would further be enhanced and your weaknesses would be eliminated. When you are equipped with such self-reflection skills, you will be a successful person. Turn setbacks into triumphs. Remember, Self-reflection counts.


Undoubtedly, these four basic character traits are what you need to build up in the course of your secondary school life to become successful leaders in the future.